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At Pink Print Protocol we strive to achieve nothing less than perfect manners. Having manners isn’t about being a perfect person, instead it’s about using the skills learned to navigate through life with grace. By instilling values based on kindness and consideration for yourself and others. Our most important basis of success is the five Ps. Passion, Patience , Persistence, Perseverance and Positivity. Students will learn effervescent values and skills sure to set them ahead in every aspect of life. Confidence and security are a basis to happiness. At PPP students will learn to feel at ease in social environments with a boost in self esteem. As I always say “Good manners will open the doors that the best education can not." 

Good manners are impressive, attractive and increasingly hard to find. Politeness brings rewards such as respect, praise, gratitude, gifts, trust and freedom. At PPP we focus on good manners rather than pointing out bad habits. Every student is at a different life point and all skills can be mastered over time with the 5 Ps . Being accountable is imperative.

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